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OLGUNTECH - Light Product Solutions

As Olgun Çelik, we ranked 559th in the “Turkey’s Top 1000 Exporters 2019” research conducted by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly in 2019 exportation year. Thousands of products that we produce with our own efforts have been exported abroad. We have always continued to work for the better and to invest our investments for a more solid future, without crowing over about our achievements. We held the official opening of our OLGUNTECH branch on 29 October 2020. Mehmet Özgür Arslan, Deputy Director General of Olgun Tech Business Unit and Central R&D, explains the success story of OLGUNTECH with the following words;

There was no road when we set off ….

I am extremely happy to leave behind the 75th anniversary of our company with the big Olgun Çelik family that I joined 6 years ago. In this adventure that lasted for more than 75 years, where there was no road when we set off, we have left behind many bitter and sweet memories and achieved very important successes together.

We have established and commissioned the most equipped test centre of the Turkish automotive supply industry and we operate it with perfect efficiency.

We have commissioned most of the simulation software used by the world’s leading engineering companies with high accuracy rates, and we have increased our designs above the expected standards.

By expanding our light commercial vehicle experience day by day, we have become the leader of Europe’s light commercial vehicle leaf spring market.

We made the official opening of our OLGUNTECH business unit on 29 October 2020, the anniversary of the most valuable gift of our great leader Atatürk to shed light on our future, in order to develop technologies with high added value regardless of product type, sector and material and to strengthen the country’s economy by producing with these technologies. OLGUNTECH is positioned with light product solutions in the automotive industry, where electrical applications are increasing their effectiveness day by day in the digitalized world. In addition to the automotive sector, it creates solutions within the Turkish Defence and Aviation Industry. With our ever-growing appetite for development, we are also planning to make moves in electronics and software engineering fields. May our path be always bright and success be with us…

Hoping to run to many successes together and in good health.

OLGUNTECH - Light Product Solutions