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Quality Labs
Quality Labs
Quality Labs


As Olgun Celik, we always strive to ensure the highest quality leaf spring production in our quality control laboratory, with our state-of-the-art equipment and applications made by our expert team of engineers.

Our products, which safely carry the loads of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, are produced in three basic principles with our customer satisfaction-oriented quality policy and:

· To meet customer needs and expectations at the best level in terms of quality, safety, reliability, deadline and price.
· To render improvement in our products, processes and procedures continuous and measurable.
· To implement all quality management systems in the most accurate and effective way.


At Olgun Celik, all production and quality control processes are carefully observed, recorded and documented in accordance with world standards and customer requests, from the entry of raw materials and consumables to final product controls.

Internal tests

Internal structure analysis

Decarb Measurement

Micro-hardness screening

Fatigue (lifetime) tests

Boot tests

Dimensional measurements

Crack control tests

Surface roughness tests

Tensile test

Charpy test

Paint lab tests

Periodic corrosion resistance test

Spectrometer analysis

Quality Labs