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About Us

The story of OlgunÇelik, which carefully carries the burden of its customers with its strong infrastructure and innovative character, started in Izmir in 1945.

Olgun Celik, contributing to the growth of the commercial vehicle industry in Türkiye right from the very first moment, is crowning this contribution today with its vision and reliability, with the objective of being a technology leader all over the world.

With its two modern facilities in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, an R&D centre accredited by the Ministry of Industry, an advanced quality laboratory and expert staff, Olgun Celik continues to grow day by day with the solutions it offers in suspension systems and lightweight technology, by continuous improvement and advanced technology investments.


Our vision is to be the leading company preferred on a global scale, adopting the principle of offering creative products and solution for the needs of suspension, lightness and technological development areas that affect our world.


Our mission is to develop the cooperation we have created with our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders by aiming to serve our country, humanity, environment and nature, and to offer the most advanced engineering, product and production technologies in the sector.


  To grow organically or inorganically in our current business and emerging technology areas.

 To provide game-changing solutions with innovative approaches in the industry.

  To provide the best products and services in line with the expectations of our customers with our competitive prices, high quality and prompt delivery options.

Our strategy is to provide a safe working environment in which our employees constantly develop their competence, and where morale and motivation are high.


Cooperation in order to continuously increase the total benefit for all our stakeholders and our country

  Continuous development and change

  Participatory and empowering management approach

Customer orientation

  Honesty and transparency

  Sensitivity and transparency and transparency and transparency

  Entrepreneurship and determination


We know there will be no SUCCESS wıthout TEAM SPIRIT;

That’s why every employee treats his own department and other fellow department members the way he/she would like to be treated. We protect the boundaries of RESPECT and LOVE

We adopt our business, worry about the problems experienced in other departments, and take an active role in solving all problems, even if it is not the problem of our department.

 We maintain an open communication with all departments within the company, we do not hesitate to clearly express the mistakes in our area of ​​responsibility and ask for help,

We know that other departments are our own internal customers. We know that keeping the INTERNAL CUSTOMER satisfaction at the highest level in data, communication and pending works is as important as it is for the EXTERNAL CUSTOMERS,

We act in a RELIABLE and HONEST manner; do not allow gossips and closed communications in the company; we do not read intentions and we adopt an open communication,

We work with PASSION ,

We do our works with passion; we believe that we can bring our company to points beyond what we can imagine,

We are passionate to do the unthinkable, the unimaginable;

We take great pleasure in making changes;

We are DEVELOPMENT ORIENTED; we constantly learn and improve ourselves and our environment;

We constantly improve ourselves and our environment in technical matters so that the PRODUCT is perfect in the eyes of customers;

We continuously follow the developments in the world and apply new technologies;

We see problems as OPPORTUNITIES,

We know that the problem resolution ways are the basis of the company CULTURE. When a problem arises, our first question is not “WHO did it” but “HOW can we solve it”.

When a problem is raised, we gather INFORMATION to have other team members involved in; make all the preparations and bring up the problem with a visual presentation;

We know that well-prepared DATA are 50% solution to the problem and we do not speak without DATA;

We know that every mistake is an opportunity.

We listen to the person who voiced the mistake and the data and take an active role in its solution;

We strive tirelessly to ensure that the solutions we find to problems are of a quality that will prevent the same mistake from happening again;

We know that DIFFERENT OPINIONS are healty and we seek different opinions and voices;

We know that different opinions will make the decisions made healthier. We respect different voices and want different opinions;

We openly express our views on matters that we consider to be correct, and we defend our views without being influenced by anyone;

 We participate in decision-making process on matters affecting all departments. After the DECISION is taken, we make all our efforts in order to fulfil the requirements of such decision,

We constantly question the current situation for CHANGE, and even though the past experience is our own, we do not avoid change for the better,

We constantly change to make the current situation better at all times.

We know that past experiences may have lost their efficacy.

We question past experiences.

Due to our leadership understanding, the LEADER person always puts the priority of the company before his own.

He/she recruits better people and creates a group A team.

He/she does not allow the recruitment of an employee who will not adapt to the company culture and will not be a group A.

He/she creates a WINNER team and ensures that his/her team performs miracles that could not be done before.

About Us