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Industry 4.0, also known as the 4th industrial revolution, is a collective structure that includes contemporary automation systems, data exchanges and production technologies.

In our high-tech factories, we are striving to bring our company’s competitive power to the next level in local and global markets with the implementation of robot and automation-based production benches, the use of advanced data storage and analysis systems, and applications that will increase resource efficiency and productivity.

We have commissioned our own solutions in this area and we continue to develop with new investments each day.

Our Olgun Automation business unit started its activities with the aim of sharing the knowledge and competencies we have in Industry 4.0 applications and conveying our experience as a service to the whole world.

Who are we?

  1. The OlgunAutomation business unit is at the heart of the Industry 4.0 revolution, where robotics and software technologies are developed targeting Industry 4.0 data management, capacity increase, cost reduction and sustainable production systems. OlgunSuspension is a heavy user/internal customer of OlgunAutomation for fully integrated robotic automation systems where heavy working conditions are easily handled.
  2. OlgunAutomation teams are formed by experts who have implemented many different industrial solutions all over the world.
  3. Let’s take a look at some of our case histories and see what we have accomplished:
  • Robotic palletizing and de-palletizing applications: OlgunSuspension uses various raw steel strips, as well as semi-finished and finished leaf springs of different sizes and cross-sections stacked irregularly on metal pallets. The stacked parts are loaded and unloaded manually in every step of production. The application under development will reduce setup times and manual operations, increase flexibility, leading to an automatically reconfigurable agile production line. In order to accomplish this, the position and orientation of each part must be determined precisely for proper robotic handling. Therefore, the first step is to develop an image processing application that detects the position and orientation of each parts on the stack.
  • Fully automatic parabolic tapering line: This line is fully automated with five robots where heating, tapering, flat and ring rolling processes are seamlessly integrated. The production has very heavy working conditions in which heavy parts are processed under high temperature conditions.
  • In-line measuring machine: The dimensions and tolerances of the parts are very critical and are becoming more and more critical in parallel with the developing technology. Therefore, measuring parts automatically with high precision is one of the most important issues. OlgunAutomation has focused on developing a measuring machine integrated into the robotic parabolic production for 100% in-line measurement.
Industry Chart
  • OlgunAutomation is working on a collaborative development environment where the digital version (digitail twin) of the system is created in parallel with the system being designed mechanical, electrical and automation wise. The solution will be a collaborative environment where all the stakeholders (production, maintenance, supply chain, sales & marketing, shareholders, etc.)  will continues to collect, monitor, analyse, visualize and process the data with several tools including AI and machine learning such as supervised regression and classification-based algorithms.