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Right Location, Right Preference

Izmir: the capital of history and culture for 8.500 years! İzmir, which is called the pearl of the Aegean Region, is Türkiye third largest city and one of the most important trade and industrial centres in the country.

With its history dating back 8.500 years, with its heroes, poets, philosophers and artists, İzmir contains the colourful and deep history of the Anatolia and Aegean Sea. Izmir, which is also the city of Homer, the master of poets, is a vibrant and worth seeing city with its palm-fringed streets along the bay, elegant boulevards and stunning terraces stretching up to the hills around the city.

İzmir also attracts visitors with its shopping places in its colourful and antique markets and the taste stops along the promenade.

Having successfully maintained its mission of being the centre of trade for thousands of years, İzmir has the 2nd largest port in Türkiye and constitutes one of the greatest advantages of Olgun Çelik by increasing its trade potential with the private ports increasing day by day.

Logistics Advantages of Olgun Celik

  • Shipments from the railway logistics centre right at the border of Olgun Çelik Factory
  • Overseas shipments from Izmir port, which is located at a distance of 45 minutes away
  • “Just in time” shipping experience to Global OEM customers all over the world