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A responsible approach to the correct use of energy and resources, as well as the protection of the environment, can only be achieved if all stakeholders act with the right attitude and appropriate actions in line with a common goal. As Olgun Çelik, we support this through continuous training directed towards our sustainability goals and regular information sharing.

We approach all our employees with the basic principle of equality, adopt the understanding of equal rights in all areas, and do not allow discriminatory practices within our operations. We attach importance to equality of opportunity in all Human Resources processes and practices, and act with the principle of respecting differences and ethical values. We offer all our employees a work environment that is based on equality of opportunity, respects differences and ethical values, is development-oriented and supports high performance.

The health and safety of our employees and all people affected by our activities are of paramount importance to us. We take care to provide the safest working conditions in order to protect our employees from all possible risks to their health. We regularly carry out risk assessments, audits and improvement studies for our targets related to health, safety and environment, which we have determined within the scope of the Environmental and OHS Management systems that we are involved in and which we implement meticulously, and we support all our stakeholders towards the implementation of these systems and make the same sustainable.