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As Olgun Celik, we offer highly advanced product and technology solutions for Light Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Trailers and Buses.

In our two modern production facilities, Parabolic leaf springs, Conventional Leaf springs, Z-Type Leaf Springs and Composite Leaf Springs are meticulously produced on state-of-the-art production and automation lines with single-layer, multi-layer and customized options.

All products, which have undergone detailed quality and approval processes, are packaged in the manner most appropriate for the structure of the product.

As Olgun Çelik, we offer lightweight solutions made of composite materials in accordance with the weight saving needs emerging in the sector, as well as the latest technology steel leaf springs with proven quality.

We strive to be not just a supplier but a solution partner for our customers with our product and technology solutions made of glass fiber or carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite materials besides steel leaf springs used in front or rear axles of light and heavy commercial vehicles.