As a result of the hard works we have conducted in line with our goal of high quality and efficient production, Olgun Çelik Research and Development Department was registered as an accredited R&D Centre by the Ministry of Industry on 18 June 2010.

Our innovative and researcher team in our R&D centre assumes critical responsibilities in vehicle projects as the design and strategic solution partner of vehicle manufacturers all over the world, with their working experience at the “Full Service Supplier” level.

Olgun Celik has a deep knowledge accumulation and competence that can be involved in product development processes and produce solutions by taking part in suspension development projects together with the vehicle manufacturing engineers in global automotive industry.

Olgun Celik believes in the benefits of cooperation with academic circles and continues its innovative projects supporting graduate and doctoral studies together with academic advisors who are experts in their fields.


We are proud to have opportunities beyond geographical and technological boundaries at the Olgun Celik Test Centre, which we decided to invest in in 2015, based on the fact that immeasurable quality cannot be managed.

We are proud to be able to meet the verification demands of all our customers in the global automotive industry within our own body thanks to our advanced technology test system, which allows all forces on the vehicle components to be applied without any loss during the use of road vehicles, our advanced data collection systems that measure the effects on the components, and our seismic base surfaces that separate the system from side effects.

Our test centre, which we learned as we developed and developed even more as we learned, has brought a great competitive advantage to our company by helping us to illuminate our way with the numerous projects it has realized so far. We are happy to become one of the leading test centres in the European automotive industry and a centre of excellence that provides testing services to other organizations besides its own needs, thanks to our investments that we increase every year with this awareness.

Varlık 3@2x
Varlık 2@2x
Varlık 1@2x

 Design adaptable to light, medium and heavy commercial vehicle suspension systems

 Front and rear suspension system durability tests with road load data or block cycle

 9 activator capacities ranging from 50 kN to 500 kN

 4 independent test tables including 5m x 5m air bellows test table

 Adaptive multi-axis system up to 6 axes

 Simultaneous temperature, acceleration, strain, distance and force measurement with 32-channel Data Acquisition Device