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As Olgun Çelik family, we celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2020.

The seed of success that fell on these lands 75 years ago has become a strong and rooted plane tree today.

Over the 75 years we have been serving, we have produced and developed more and continue to grow year by year. Millions of products coming out of our production facilities, thousands of employees, hundreds of customers we enjoy working with, and the technological innovations we have added to the sector are the most valuable returns of our 75-year growth process.

We believe that we will emerge stronger from major changes in the forthcoming period, such as the introduction of electric and autonomous vehicles, the widespread use of Industry 4.0 and dark factory production. We will continue to be a solution partner by reaching our customers in our country and all over the world, not only with our leaf spring product, but also with our product solutions with high added value in the automotive industry.

Our primary goal has been to be a reliable friend to our employees, customers and business partners who always offers the highest quality products and services since the first day our story began. As we continue our journey with the same objective, we would like to thank our esteemed teammates, valuable business partners and all our stakeholders, who contributed to the successful completion of our 75-year adventure, for their contribution and trust.

If you would like to review our 75th anniversary album, which is specially prepared for this very precious anniversary, please click the link below.

Hope to have many more 75 years…